Welcome to the Center for the Formation of the Voice
Located in the south of France in picturesque Serdinya, the Center for the Formation of the Voice offers a range of individual and group programs for students and teachers. Contact us for further details.

Two Week Intensive
A small group of students will receive two weeks of lectures, group and private lessons with
Robin Hendrix covering the great singer's technique, interpretation, and French diction (with
Michel Prezman
). All lessons are given in a supportive atmosphere, and informal chats and sings at the table are encouraged. Time will also be made to see the wonderful sights the area has to offer, including a trip on the Train Jaune (yellow), an old mining train that stops at Serdinya and passes through spectacular landscapes to arrive at Font Romeu, famous for winter sports and summer walking tours. During their stay, students will participate in several public concerts at the medieval church in Serdinya and in surrounding towns. Accommodations and meals are in the same building as the lessons and coaching. Contact us for details.

One Week Intensive
Same as Two Week Intensive, but with one concert in the church in Serdinya.
Contact us for details.

Summer Academy — The Lamperti Project — for singers and accompanists
This is a scheduled summer class for multiple student types: singers, voice teachers, and accompanists. Group classes include lectures on the great singers' vocal technique, interpretation using the new technique, French diction, research, and repertoire coaching. Student accompanists will work with noted accompanist Michel Prezman on repertoire, identifying the "tribe" at sight, sight-reading, etc. Students will have accommodations and meals in the same building as their lessons. They will also have access to a research library and online resources to reinforce what they are learning.
Contact us for details.

Group Lessons
Noted teachers like Manuel Garcia, D.A. Clippinger, Marcella Marchese, and Lilli Lehmann all taught group lessons almost exclusively, finding enormous benefit for their students as they observed one another's progress. We highly encourage group lessons, as they benefit the singer vocally and financially. Contact us for details.

Individual Lessons
One hour lesson covering the technique and its application in song are also available.
Contact us for details.

Teaching the Teacher
For teachers who wish to master the technique, the approach is the same as Individual Lessons, except there is more focus on intense listening, sharing sources in the literature, and the logic behind this rediscovered technique. You'll be able to teach what you know works. It's a great feeling to give a singer wings, and when you master this technique, you'll be able to do that.

Contact us at the Center for the Formation of the Voice in Serdinya, France for more information.

For those unable to come to Serdinya, online lessons are now available via Skype. Contact us for details.

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